Weddings / Discos / Private functions

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How much do you charge?

There is no fixed rate based on the date, time, duration or location of the function. The rate is included in the package you choose. We offer an affordable reliable service tailored the customers every needs. For more info see our packages or contact information.

What equipment will the DJ bring?

We use nothing but the best in sound, equipment and lighting effects. We have the latest in mp3 revolutionised technology to offer a great range of music to suit all age groups. The DJ is very knowledgeable of the equipment that is being used and everything is fully tested before the event taking place.

What kind of music do you play?

Whether it's a wedding, birthday, school formal, Halloween or Christmas party, we offer music suitable for every occasion. We use the latest in mp3 technology that gives us a huge wide span of musical selection. Ranging from the 50's, swinging 60's, sensational 70's right through the classics of the 80's and 90's and chart toppers of the current day. What makes us different is that our DJ has been a professional club DJ for over 10 years and has the ability to mix and style of music or genre to keep the vibe just right. Dance, Funk or whatever your favourite kind of music, look no further, you are at the right place.

Will you play requests?

Every event is different, when you request a booking; we will send a booking form that gives you the chance to indicate your favourites artists, genre, or particular songs you would like to hear on the night. Each party is prepared for in advance and the DJ knows in advance what kind of music is required. On the night of the event, we are open for any requests from the guests attending.

Is there a contract?

When confirming a booking with us, a contract will be issued to be signed by both parties to ensure that everything runs smoothly and you are never disappointed.

How can I be sure you won't let me down?

We have DJs at hand in case of an emergency. We are always there approx 2 hours before the event to setup and do a full sound check. We are always quick to respond to any enquiries and will return any calls ASAP to confirm a booking.

How long do you need to set up, and how much space do you require?

For most functions we will allow an hour for setting up, and an area approx. 3m x 2m is ideal. For larger functions more time (and space) may be required.

What kind of lighting and effects do you use?

We have a selection of coloured lighting effects from dmx power cans to acme winner moon flower effects. Confetti cannons are available, bubble and smoke machines although some hotels now have a policy against using them, so be sure to check this with the venue. Also we can supply confetti canons on request.

What will the DJ wear?

Our dress code is very smart and casual. A shirt and tie for weddings, formals and smart and casual wear for normal style discos.